I am proud to support the Line 3 replacement pipeline currently under construction. This project has created thousands of jobs, generated more than $40 million in property taxes here in Minnesota, and has allowed for a massive ripple effect of benefits throughout the 14 counties along the pipeline route.

The many benefits of this pipeline project should be applauded, not attacked. Yet a large group of pipeline opponents are doing just that. It is one thing to disagree and use facts, but I have been disappointed to see the wild misinformation being spread by opponents about Enbridge, particularly related to its relationship with local tribal communities.

Pipeline opponents argue that this project goes against tribal treaties and is not approved by the Minnesota tribes, but that simply is not the case. For this project, Enbridge communicated with all of Minnesota’s 11 tribes. Enbridge held listening sessions on tribal lands. It invested more than $180 million to tribal affiliation work opportunities and identified more than 100 Native American business owners for contractors to use. Additionally, the Line 3 Replacement Project is under the careful watch of tribal construction monitors who Enbridge defines as “tribal citizens who have the authority to stop construction and ensure that important cultural resources are protected.”

To me, the benefits of this project are vast, and the relationship between Enbridge and our state’s tribes is amazing. This project is imperative to our state and local communities, and I am grateful Enbridge has made its relationship with Minnesota tribes a priority.

Tony Nygaard

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The writer is mayor of McKinley.