The improvements to the Lakewalk are both beautiful and functional. Unfortunately, there is currently a safety issue for dogs and/or folks who are a bit more frail than most.

In late March, I walked from the Rose Garden to Canal Park and back. During that walk with a friend and my small dog, there were numerous times we were passed by people on bikes, riding as if they were out on bike trails without a lot of others nearby. They weaved in and out and around people, going in either direction at speeds unsafe near to so many walkers and dogs. It was a beautiful day, and many people were enjoying being outdoors after a long winter. With not one biker calling, “On your left!” before passing pedestrians, it was clear that pets, small children, and those whose balance is less than perfect were all in danger of being hit and hurt by these speeding bikers.

The Lakewalk should be safe for everyone. I hope the city can assign some patrol officers on bikes soon to encourage and/or enforce a safer environment for everyone.

Barb Hauck