Leave it to Republican legislators in Minnesota to try to jump on the voter-suppression bandwagon going on in 46 other states. The state GOP solons are piling on to the more than 300 passed or pending pieces of legislation around the country and are going to almost laughable lengths (no water in voting lines) — if it weren’t so perfidious — to erect barriers to voting, especially by minorities, youths, disabled and infirm individuals, and others outside the mainstream.

They are doing so by attempting to revive the discredited voter photo identification requirement for exercising the franchise, a measure defeated, albeit narrowly, at the polls here nearly a decade ago.

Fortunately for the electorate, the proposition ostensibly aimed at addressing nonexistent voter fraud lodged in the GOP-controlled state Senate will not make it through the DFL-dominated House and certainly won’t pass the veto pen of DFL Gov. Tim Walz, if it somehow makes it to his desk.

But the proposal is likely to provide ammunition to the “stop the steal” theme if the Republicans try to regurgitate that senseless slogan in the midterm elections next year.

It’s a shame the GOP doesn’t spend its time and resources dealing with real problems rather than futile gestures to combat phantom ones.

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Marshall H. Tanick