It's unfortunate, but not coincidental, that two "pro-life" doctors and one "pro-life" nurse would want to focus our attention on a fetal heartbeat and ignore the factor that really indicates the presence of "life." (Reader’s View: “A heartbeat indicates life in need of protecting,” March 24).

Before surgery, people are asked if they've completed a living will. If brain function ceases, they agree to be disconnected from devices that would keep their bodies functioning. It was, and is, a functioning brain that is used to determine a person's status of being "alive" or "dead." For a fetus, an EEG doesn't show regular brain-wave patterns until week 25 of gestation. Prior to week 25, there are only small bursts in the brain.

If one is consistent in applying the same standard to measuring life to pre-life, one wouldn't really get too worked up over the termination of a pregnancy prior to week 25. At best, before week 25, a fetus is a potential human being, and one which can be affected by many adverse changes. (Let's talk miscarriages or fetal deformities, for instance.) It should, however, be obvious why someone with a "pro-life" agenda would present selective and/or biased information.

To me, this is another example of fear-based authoritarian personalities wanting to misinform others to control the choices of people who differ from themselves. It's at the point of trying to control others that a "pro-life" person becomes a "forced-birthing" person.

The bill referenced, (S.F. 356) is just another thinly veiled attempt by radical conservatives and evangelicals to control everyone who differs from them, in an apparent ultimate quest to diminish or erase the separation between church and state.

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In essence, being "different" is the real sin to all xenophobic personalities and why they apparently want everyone but themselves to change.

Gary Burt