President Joe Biden`s first stupid mistake as president was keelhauling the Keystone XL pipeline, which cost thousands of good American jobs. Pipelines do not cause global warming. Since his action, the price of oil has skyrocketed to a two-year high and the price of gas is off to the races. Under Biden, the cost of electricity is going to the moon.

Biden then made a real howler by resigning onto the Paris Climate Accord, which will cost thousands more American jobs while simultaneously throwing a lifeline to the drowning communist Chinese economy. Even if you are so naive to believe in the global-warming bogeyman, saving the planet is going nowhere if China, India, and Russia are not on board.

I doubt Biden is aware of the suffering he has created for American workers or the havoc he has done to the U.S. economy. Biden and reality have little in common.

Biden didn’t hold his first solo news conference, with questions, until March 25, and he still hasn’t addressed a joint session of Congress. When I see on TV Biden staring at the camera with a blank look in his eyes, it suggests to me that nobody is home upstairs. He stumbles along and has trouble reading the teleprompter. It is painful to watch. His speeches are a mealy-mouth word salad of hot air and cheap shots.

I still don't believe he got 80 million votes. Fake news is in the bag for Biden but can only postpone not stop the inevitable. Biden is in way over his head, and it is obvious he will not last a year, much less a full term.

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Larry Hendrickson


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