Three things in the recent Meghan Markle interview have gotten a lot of press. But I think the reaction against the royal family has been too strong.

Markle reported being isolated and lonely. This was the experience of Prince Philip and Princess Diana, among others, who became part of the royal family without having been raised in that context. A life of service means almost completely surrendering who you are to become a representative of the country. This is painful, but it is neither a mistake nor a personal attack on Markle; it is a feature of royal life.

Markle reported being denied therapy for suicidal depression. This is a real problem and a valid criticism. In the past, such issues have been referred to pastors or priests, whose presence at the palace creates less drama. The stigma here is a very real problem, but, again, is not aimed at Markle specifically.

Markle reported that someone was concerned about the skin color of her baby. This is very unwoke and certainly racist. But we should note that this was one person only; the many others in the palace apparently kept their curiosity to themselves. It's hard to imagine not being curious about how the offspring of a mixed couple might look. It is certainly inappropriate to mention and especially to think of it as a problem, but the curiosity is understandable, and luckily there apparently was only once such person.

Overall, while Markle’s stories and experiences are very real and very painful, I don't think the correct conclusion is that the monarchy is cruel, racist, and unnecessary.

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Jim Lyttle


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