American democracy looks so much different now that political nihilists in the Republican Party have proven that inciting insurrection and desecrating the Constitution can go unpunished.

Political terrorists in the GOP have shown us that committing crimes against democracy, misleading constituents, and fanning the flames of insurrection are justified as long as you strengthen your grip on power.

These false patriots genuflect before the alt-right, conspiracy-theorizing, racist bullies who threaten our country's existence and tell you they love America. Traitors.

They lie to you about election fraud that never happened to incite your anger. They sit idly by as their minions assault police officers. Then they tell you that blue lives matter. Liars.

They tell you that your way of life is threatened by people who look different from you while they disenfranchise voters through gerrymandering and dark-money donations. Hypocrites.

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They politicize COVID-19 and encourage people to protest measures taken to curb its spread. Meanwhile, the death count grows higher. Deniers.

The Republican Party is one now with traitors, liars, hypocrites, and deniers: nihilists with no apparent value system aside from power.

But remember that these political hacks do not represent America.

The U.S. grows more diverse. People from all backgrounds are coming together to create healthier and inclusive communities. Systemic racism is being identified and confronted. Neighbors are helping each other cope with the impacts of the pandemic. We now have a president who cares more about the health of our nation and the people who live here than himself.

We have a long way to go, but here is hope. This hope can only be actualized through action. We need to protect the right to vote, demand that elected officials denounce misinformation, and support candidates who stand up against American nihilism to protect the democratic process.

David D. Grandmaison


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