We keep hearing about a possible civil war in America. It is very irresponsible to throw around the “war” word since most of us believe war is the freedom to kill from armed conflict alone — that is, if you can get away with it.

The logical question that needs to be addressed: Why does large-scale violence that cannot be stopped get elevated status and then morph into a killing contest that suddenly and magically has legitimacy if done within the “rules” — all from people just shooting up the place?

White supremacists have always wanted a “civil war,” or “race war,” and their agenda is what has put “civil war” into the headlines. They see civil war as a way for them to access the freedom to kill people of color. They just need to provoke them into “war.” Pretty sick, right, thinking all you need to get the freedom to kill people is to get them into an armed-conflict killing contest?

Those who voted for President Joe Biden but also opposed the Iraq War may believe Biden could get the freedom to kill Iraqis from nothing more than provoking them into a war — a war they opposed, but still a war that gave President George W. Bush, Biden, and the rest of them the freedom to kill Iraqis.

If people who opposed the Iraq War give Biden a pass on it because the killing was done as a “war,” then even if we oppose a civil war started by white supremacists we would have to give white supremacists a pass for all their killing because it also would be done as a “war.”

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So, Americans who refuse to hold Biden accountable for the Iraq War must be comfortable with a white supremacist-led civil war. Fair is fair.

Frank Erickson


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