The U.S. is very diverse with different ethnic groups, customs, traditions, and, of course, differences in politics. I thank our Founders for their wisdom and foresight in drafting and writing the Constitution and the First Amendment, which guarantees free speech.

I was horrified and ashamed to read another attack on Rep. Pete Stauber via a letter in the News Tribune on Feb. 7, “Stauber's denouncement wasn't enough.” It was another temper tantrum and the apparent part of a crusade to bully Stauber into retracting his statements and apologizing for his actions in support of President Donald Trump and in opposition to the impeachment.

Sorry, but Stauber represents everyone.

The letter suggested a knowledge of the Constitution greater than that of Chief Justice John Roberts. Sorry again, but per the Constitution, only a sitting president can be impeached, not a private citizen. This is why Roberts is not presiding over the impeachment trial.

Stauber denounced the Capitol riot, but apparently that wasn't good enough. He signed onto the Texas lawsuit, but didn't, to the letter writer’s satisfaction, cite the actions of the former president and his GOP colleagues for their part in organizing and fueling the horrible events of Jan. 6. So Stauber is also responsible for the riot?

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Trump finished his speech on Jan. 6 by urging his supporters to all walk down to the Capitol, peacefully and patriotically. Investigators have found evidence that the attack was pre-planned. So Trump's speech didn't incite the riot, and he is not guilty of inciting the insurrection.

I am deeply saddened in our society that there is no personal accountability for the rioters’ own actions. Are we back on the playground with everyone pointing fingers at the person next to them and stating, "He made me do it!"?

Kathy Beede


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