No, I wasn’t shocked by the assault on our capitol by members of Trump’s Republican Party, domestic terrorist groups, and fringe followers. This has been building since President Barack Obama became our first African-American president; which was apparently an absolute affront to these people. For eight years they suffered and steamed, waiting their turn. In 2015, finally a candidate to answer their prayers: White Christian dominance in and out of government, the oppression of non-whites and non-Christians, and removal from world organizations — “America first” — was within their grasp.

Wealthy white Americans and businesses invested millions encouraging and supporting this man and his agenda and other Republicans. Knowingly or unknowingly, they supported militant domestic terrorist groups that became loud and proud under this regime.

No, I was not shocked by the violent, destructive, murdering mob. But the fact that some of them carried the cross, suggesting Christ was marching with them, reminded me how far some Christian leaders have gone to support this regime and incite this insurrection.

This treasonous act was not a holy war or holy battle, as some declared it. The blood shed lies on the hands of all who participated actively or from behind the scenes. Christ was not there that day.

Nancy Lanthier Carroll

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