Imagine if the chaos at the U.S. Capitol had been led by Black Lives Matter protesters. Do we really believe those protesters would have been calmly led out of the Capitol and released?

First of all, the Capitol would have been, beforehand, surrounded by police and the military, guns and batons in evidence, dogs and tear gas at the ready. Those protesters would have been summarily treated brutally, arrested, and charged.

Did you witness the relatively mild treatment of the pro-trump protesters? How can we justify that soft treatment of those rioters? How many were arrested?

With notable exceptions, the Republican Party has engendered this level of animosity in the immoral and cowardly defense of an anti-democratic, fascist, demagogic president. In our heart of hearts, could we not have seen the behavior of this president ending in any other way?

It would be easy to solely blame the chaos at the Capitol on Trump, but the Republican Party since President Nixon has gone down the path of thinly veiled racist behaviors under the guise of “law and order.” They must now, finally, examine those behaviors and look deep into their souls.

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Lastly our 8th District congressman must demonstrate to all his constituents that he truly is loyal to his oath of office and to the Constitution. Right now it doesn’t seem so.

I’m 73 and won’t have many more voting opportunities, but I will never ever cast a single vote for any Republican candidate even though there may be some reputable candidates. Anyone running as a Republican will, in the minds of many Americans, be forever tainted.

Steve Cushing