I have been wondering what Rep. Peter Stauber has been doing in Washington, D.C., if he believes the election was riddled with “widespread abuses,” as he said in a statement Jan. 6. His name was on the same ballot as the names of the presidential candidates. If he believes the election was illegitimate, then he must not have won his election. So I’m guessing he must be in D.C. to pack his stuff and attend a farewell party before letting his opponent know.

Stauber has been acting cowardly by letting President Donald Trump continue on the path he has led them on.

Back during the Black Lives Matter protests, Trump and his pack stated, “When the looting starts, the shooting starts,” as Trump tweeted. But when Trump and his pack took over, there were little more than prayers asked by Stauber and Trump.

I hope Stauber resigns soon.

Meredith Hinnenkamp

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