Congressman Pete Stauber’s comments on Minnesota Public Radio on Jan. 9 came off as a deflection pandering to President Donald Trump’s base.

I worked for more than 50 years repairing malfunctioning equipment. If I would have looked at a broken piece of equipment and said, “It’s obvious the transformer is bad; you can see smoke marks coming from it,” and then replaced the transformer, restarted the equipment, and had the transformer burn out again, it would have been clear that I only looked at the symptom and not the problem.

The congressman seems to be trying to make us focus on symptoms, which will never fix problems. Stauber has enabled Trump’s lies about the election results and even signed onto a Trump-led lawsuit that attempted to overturn the election outcome.

Do not take my word regarding Trump seeding a destruction of our democracy. Go back to Trump’s Twitter feeds, all the way to 2016. He steadfastly pushed a baseless election conspiracy theory then, during the campaign, and after the election.

Stauber is not defending the Constitution; he is defending Trump. Congressman Stauber has blood on his hands, as do all of Trump's enablers. The problem is Trump.

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Jerry Witte