The hotel giant Marriott, Commerce Bank, JP Morgan, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and others have said they will halt campaign donations to lawmakers who fought to decertify the presidential election and deny democracy.

For those corporations which continue to contribute to candidates opposed to democracy, we Democrats should follow suit and boycott corporate interests that support those electorates who have failed us. For Minnesotans, this means our U.S. Reps. Tom Emmer, Michelle Fischbach, Jim Hagedorn, and Pete Stauber.

Moving forward, any corporation whose PAC money contributes to these Minnesota lawmakers should be boycotted, even if it means not agreeing with multimillionaires like Kevin McHale, who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. These four GOP individuals, who seem to have no problem acknowledging their own “legitimate” election victories, question the same ballots that produced the presidential result.

Always on the sidelines, it seems, and never quite ready to dismiss falsehoods, lies, unrealities, or Q-Anon conspiracies is Stauber. Time is up. Shame on him.

James Evans

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Woodbury, Minnesota