Bret Stephens was deputy editorial page editor for the Wall Street Journal and known for his neoconservative views in foreign affairs. He now writes conservative articles for the New York Times.

In the Jan. 6 New York Times, he wrote, “All those conservatives who encouraged the president to ‘pursue his legal options’ — knowing full well they were bunk, but with assurances they would settle doubts about the validity of the vote — are complicit (in the riot in Washington, D.C.). The 126 House Republicans who signed onto the lawsuit to overturn the election — flicked away in a single paragraph by the Supreme Court — are complicit.”

Rep. Pete Stauber was one of the 126 House Republicans who signed onto that lawsuit. His signature, along with his unwillingness to say sooner that Joe Biden won the election and his unwillingness to say until it was too late if he would vote to certify the election, make him also complicit in helping President Donald Trump stir up the hatred that culminated in the riot — a riot in which five people lost their lives, one of them a police officer like Stauber once was. Dozens more of Stauber’s fellow brothers in blue also were injured in the riot.

At best, his complicity in helping Trump stir up and foster hatred was disappointing. At worst, it was disgusting.

Tom Martin

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