What did our Republican elected leaders expect?

On my way home from work on Jan. 6, I switched on my car radio and heard about President Donald Trump supporters breaking windows in the Capitol building, a person shot, Congress barricaded against possibly violent people in the chamber and throughout the building, and proceedings halted.

Elected leaders are elected to be leaders. Republicans have allowed Trump’s worst instincts to play out over and over again, encouraging disinformation which in the far-right echo chamber gets more and more outlandish and violent. What did they think would be the endgame?

Republicans have a responsibility to the citizens of this country, a majority of whom elected President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, to commit to a peaceful transfer of power. If Trump is not willing to participate in that, and insists on fomenting this type of violent response, he must be immediately removed from office and from the White House.

I believe the vast majority of Americans have been extremely patient with this president’s temper tantrums, his divisive rhetoric, and his tolerance of violence. We are all now watching the results. The presidential election was free and fair, with results certified by election officials from both parties, and confirmed many times by the courts, including twice by the U.S. Supreme Court. Only the disinformation amplified by our current president is creating doubts about that.

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Enough is enough: you must lead, you must step up, speak out and defend our elections and our constitution. Our Republican elected leaders must address and stop Trump’s behavior. Our democracy is at risk.

Otherwise, what else can be expected?

Ann Gumpper