Seven Minnesotans have disqualified themselves from being considered for any elective office. Each has shown they are ready to subvert the most basic principles of our democracy. They have colluded with misinformation, outright lies, and vague allegations devoid of evidence, with a goal of reversing the results of elections their side lost.

Three are Donna Bergstrom, Tom Sullivan, and Art Johnston. Each ran in a local legislative district this fall and lost. They filed a lawsuit and suggested that absentee ballots in the Nov. 3 election be thrown out. When questioned by the judge, they could not provide any evidence of fraud in either the absentee ballots or the machines that recorded them. (“Losing Duluth legislative candidates unsuccessfully challenge election results,” Jan. 4). By their own admission, they expected that throwing out legitimately cast absentee ballots could reverse their losses.

The other four are U.S. Reps. Pete Stauber, Jim Hagedorn, Tom Emmer, and Michelle Fishbach, whose offices did not respond to Forum News Service questions about their intentions to support or oppose the certification of the Electoral College results (“Unknown if Minnesota Republicans will join challenge to certifying electoral college vote,” Jan. 4).

At this point, anyone paying attention knows that allegations of electoral fraud are themselves fraudulent. President Donald Trump, propagating these false charges, is attempting to overturn results of the presidential election. Regardless of their actual vote regarding certification, the representatives’ unwillingness to oppose this cynical ploy added to the damage Trump is doing to our democracy. They are like firefighters who stand by while a fire burns instead of doing their job by putting it out. Because of this, I feel they are unfit for further public service.

These seven have shown they cannot tell the difference between honesty and lying, between integrity and personal ambition, between loyalty to country and loyalty to a person or party. They should never be trusted with public office again.

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Michael Grossman