It has been brought up time and time again, including by state regulators for the Enbridge pipeline project and echoed by newspapers and anti-pipeline people. There will be a threat of increased trafficking of women and girls, they say: “The ‘pipeliners’ are coming; they will bring prostitution, crime, and COVID-19.”

I think this type of thinking is prejudicial and insulting.

I have done electrical construction work on pipelines. These workers are your sons, brothers, and fathers. They have no more propensity for criminal behavior than any other American citizen. I think it is a disgrace to assume that when construction workers arrive you have to hide your wives, daughters, and pets.

If there were a convention of vacuum-cleaner salespeople or car sellers, would you have the same attitudes? Or is it the mere fact that some of these new construction workers have to work in the dirt with their hands, have brown skin, or are “not from around here?” These are regular folks. Most will have done a two-year or four-year apprenticeship, including in-person college classes. They might even have teaching degrees.

Also, please remember that the propane or natural gas to heat your home is found with or has been manufactured from crude oil. If crude oil is limited, your prices for propane and natural gas will increase dramatically.

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Bryce Makela