President Donald Trump cowardly incited his rabid supporters into a frenzy and then said he would march with them to Congress where the electoral votes were being considered. A truly brave man would have actually led his followers to the Capitol. Instead, Trump hunkered down at the White House and watched the chaos he created. When the mob of patriotic men and women invaded the Senate and House of Representatives, what did men like Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Pete Stauber do? After jumping on the bandwagon to support Trump’s inane protest of the Biden/Harris victory, they tucked their tails between their legs and hid from their own constituents. Yeah, real brave.

The Capitol Police deserve plenty of blame also. There were numerous signs of unrest several days prior to these events, yet the preparations were clearly inadequate. I remember the Blacks Lives Matter demonstrations several months ago. Riot police and National Guardsmen were prepositioned around the Minnesota Capitol, appearing ready to smack down any Black person who dared cross the line. Yet, despite knowing Trump cultists were actively planning on causing disturbances during Congress’ electoral vote consideration, the police were caught flat-footed. Good thing most of the rioters were not Black or there may have been a bloodbath.

Following the incident was talk of impeachment or using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office. Both attempts were destined to fail because the Trump cabinet is full of yes-men and almost all of the Senate Republicans refused to convict and remove Trump from office when they had the opportunity last year.

Times like these really make me proud to be an American.

James N. Bragge

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