The idea that some mysterious force called gravity is somehow integral to laws physicists grandiosely claim directly influence the movement of all physical bodies in the universe is absurd! We all know humans are not wise enough to understand matters like this that only should be determined by God. Anyone who has ever seen a flock of geese traveling south for the winter plainly sees they easily defy this supposed unseen force, which is said to pull them toward Earth.

This (farce) called gravity has been concocted by unethical scientists who want to control the future of companies manufacturing bogus devices known as scales, which are said to quantify this force to determine something called weight. But we all know this claim is based on manipulations of data, which advance mistaken assumptions legitimized by 97% of all physicists and astronomers in the world. In truth, it's the divine and ubiquitous sucking of the earth that holds us to its surface.

Politically motivated scientist Sir Isaac Newton deliberately left out important mathematical information about gravity being instrumental in what he called “the laws of motion.” But everyone knows, when we strike the Earth with a hammer, the Earth will not immediately push back on that hammer with an equal and opposite force. So much for that ridiculous claim!

In truth, gravity is the most incredible myth ever perpetrated by physicists and astronomers seeking to deny simple common sense. Next they'll want us to believe the Earth is a spherical body moving through space rather than the obviously flat plain we all see.

As silly as all the above seems, it's pretty close to the garbage spread by deniers of a phenomenon we know is real, the one called global warming.

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Peter W. Johnson