President Donald Trump's slogan about making America great again was great marketing that seemed intentionally short on details. To him, we allegedly lost our way and needed to go back in time to find our true identity.

Born in 1946, Trump came of age during the 1950's and 1960's. A TV show in 1974 captured that time period and ran for 10 years. It was called “Happy Days.” Trump seems to see himself as a real Fonz!

His time period included events and people who didn’t identify those 20 years as happy but the opposite. Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat in 1955. Segregated schools were still in existence until 1954. Women couldn't get an abortion until 1955. The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was gunned down in 1968. Sex discrimination in education and the workplace was still legal until 1972. Three white college kids were killed by the Klan in Mississippi in 1964, and their fate only became famous in 1988 thanks to Hollywood. The Rainbow Coalition was formed in 1969. Same-sex marriage was illegal until 2015. And Black quarterback Colin Kaepernick took a knee in 2016 over racial discrimination and hasn’t been employed by NFL owners since 2017.

The list of challenges to Trump's “Happy Days” has split us apart as a people. He has spent four years driving our car with both eyes on the rearview mirror. He'll even award pardons for those who drive either illegally or recklessly.

President-elect Joe Biden has at least one eye on the windshield. Our future is just as important as our past. His choice of cabinet members is an early clue to who he wants to help drive. His choices of vice president and others are a kaleidoscope of who we really are as a people.

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Dave Griffin