The Jan. 2 letter, “Salute Stauber for sticking to his guns,” forgot a couple of things.

If the presidential election was fraudulent, then the election for the Senate and House of Representatives would be under question. Judges have denied lawsuits left and right about this issue for lack of evidence. Two Supreme Court decisions on the subject also were denied. Another bump in the road came when 12 senators and 140 representatives reportedly protested the Electoral College results. One even filed a lawsuit involving Vice President Mike Pence — which was thrown out, too!

When will this end? The president lost and won’t accept it; it’s not in his nature to lose.

This is a quote from Rep. Pete Stauber to his constituents in a form letter: “This is in no way an attempt to overturn the results of the election. By asking the courts to examine the results, my colleagues and I utilized the legal recourses at our disposal to bring our concerns before the courts. This was done openly and publicly within the bounds of the judicial system because our goal is transparency and integrity, not to subvert results or disenfranchise legitimate votes. We raised our concerns, the court did not side with us, the matter is closed, and I accept the ruling.”

I’ve looked online and haven’t found the list of representatives involved in this protest, but now I’m wondering if in fact Stauber’s name is on this list of people protesting the Electoral College vote. I’m going to hold Stauber to his word that he accepts the ruling of the judges.

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Brian LaFrenier