Since the coronavirus was discovered last January, little was done about it by the administration of President Donald Trump. They knew how deadly the virus was and were warned in more than enough time. They denied it and said it would be gone by spring, giving our nation false security. Then we didn’t have enough PPE to protect our front line.

In Los Angeles County, a person dies every 10 minutes from COVID-19, according to webMD. I lived in San Bernardino, California, from 1959 until 1971. San Bernardino is overwhelmed with cases. People are in hospitals and dying.

President Harry S. Truman once said, "The buck stops here." About all the Trump administration has done is pass the buck without taking responsibility for its lack of action.

I was trained in logistics while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps after serving two tours in the Republic of South Vietnam. I sent Marines and military provisions all over the world, not making a mistake, as people's lives depended on it. It took courage for generals to admit when they made mistakes in logistics. Usually the lower echelon had to take the blame.

The Trump administration completely failed and dropped the ball.

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Paul A. Fleming