Well, it seems the anti-Pete Stauber crowd smells blood oozing from a wound with regard to the congressman’s stance on President Donald Trump and election fraud. It seems to burn them that Stauber is a Republican and they don't have total control.

Yet their party left the American workers and moderate Americans long ago.

Why would anyone actually think this was a fair election?

Even the state of Minnesota urged the use of mail-in ballots due to COVID-19. Yet, at the same time, the CDC said it was perfectly safe to vote in person. My wife got three forms inviting her to apply for an absentee ballot, including two from a so-called nonpartisan group which is anything but and which has deep ties to the Democratic Party.

Then there are statisticians saying there were statistically impossible anomalies in battleground states.

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Get away from the mainstream media once in a while and you may find there are two sides to every story. Should anyone believe one side or the other — or either side? At least listen to both sides before making a judgment. Sometimes the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Jerome R. Carlson


NOTE: This letter was updated at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 12 by the News Tribune to remove an inaccurate quote.