Resign! Yes, Rep. Pete Stauber, you crossed a line you should have known better than to cross. In case you still don’t understand what you did, you took your leadership position and were culpable in starting an attempted coup. You promoted the idea, without any proof, that our presidential election was fraudulent.

You personally share responsibility for the people who attacked our Capitol. You share responsibility for this racist event and have the blood of the woman who was shot and killed in the Capitol on your hands, too. You are responsible for the bombs planted in and around the Capitol. You are responsible for not accepting that for the first time in over 100 years, African-American men went to vote en masse, despite the fear that the simple act of voting could get them beaten up or, worse, hung from a tree.

You need to be responsible for your actions and resign. Very few of the people of the 8th Congressional District expected you to show this lack of the leadership you were responsible to have.

John Goldfine


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