When Congressman Pete Stauber had a chance to stand up for the free and fair election, he instead signed onto the Texas lawsuit that quickly was dismissed by the Supreme Court. This action by him and many of his fellow Republicans was dangerous for our democracy. It helped lead, finally, in the direct attack on our democracy and the people's house in Washington, D.C.

Now these Republicans are condemning the attack they helped incite. The Confederate states lost the Civil War, but on Jan. 6 the Confederate flag was carried by MAGA patriots in our nation's capital. How shameful and pathetic.

A Jan. 6 letter in the News Tribune said the “election was not transparent and has a cloud of illegitimacy because of allegations of voting irregularities." Why? Because the president has continued to repeat the same lie over and over? More than 60 lawsuits were filed and all were dismissed, because allegations are not proof.

Republican Chris Krebs, the former head of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure, had complete confidence in the security of the election. Former Attorney General William Barr said the Justice Department could not find any fraud in the general election. President Donald Trump lost the election because people in this country did not want another four years of incompetence and dysfunctional government.

I'm no longer worried about another four years. I'm now more concerned about the damage Trump could do to our country in his remaining days in office.

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Rick Dahl