Almost daily recently the News Tribune has published letters badmouthing Rep. Pete Stauber for asking for an investigation into possible election fraud. If you pay attention to the names at the bottoms of this litany of letters, you notice that, in many instances, they are the same as on letters that for four years bad-mouthed President Donald Trump for anything he did.

This newspaper only allows letters every 30 days, so these folks wait until 30 days are over and then submit another letter.

They get their "talking points," I am sure, from the Democratic Party, as their themes are similar, although the way they say it is a bit different.

Don't be fooled by these letters. Their aim is next year's election, and they want Stauber out so they can control this area with a complete Democratic Party. Rep. Stauber is a quality person who represents this area well, and we all know it.

Jim Gerdes

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Sturgeon Lake