It is time to tear down the Kozy (“Urgent action sought on Kozy building,” Nov. 16). It is not historic since one of the floors was removed many years ago; the building can never be made to conform to the Americans with Disability Act without excessive cost; and even if it could be, its number of units would be very limited.

What we can do is tear it down before we have to put our fire department people at risk again or, worse, get one of our firefighters killed.

Once the building is torn down, what can be done with its site are many: Market-rate housing or housing for people with lower incomes. How about housing for people who have special needs? Even commercial space may be viable.

Our community can control what it will look like. It can be made to look like it did when it was built on the outside and be up to current life-safety standards and be ADA compliant.

John Goldfine

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