The Oct. 3 letter, “Politicians, media using fear against us,” stated that the coronavirus is not as deadly as politicians and media sources would have you believe. That seemed like a blanket diagnosis, and I wondered if some homework was done on the subject before it was issued.

COVID-19 is deadly to some, as the facts state, particularly those in nursing homes. Medical News Today reported, “COVID-19 can be deadly to some people. Older adults and people with existing health conditions are more at risk for serious complications, which can be life-threatening.” COVID19 can also cause serious and sometimes fatal complications, including pneumonia, arrhythmia, damage to organs, multiple organ failures, sepsis, shock, respiratory distress syndrome, and heart failure, the report stated. This can also happen in people younger than 65.

This is not “just a flu,” as some would have you believe.

There is a lot of information out there on this virus that is not reported by the mainstream media. This is a worldwide pandemic. One only has to watch news reports or even Google to see that people in all countries are wearing masks. In Ethiopia, where, as of July 28, there were 15,200 cases and 239 deaths, they’re wearing masks to help stop the spread.

I think one needs to rely on scientists rather than politicians. The proof is in how this pandemic in our country was handled from the beginning.

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Brian LaFrenier