This letter is in response to an ad run by the Committee for Truth in Politics in the News Tribune on Wednesday.

The News Tribune apologized to Quinn Nystrom's campaign for Congress for allowing a non-campaign phone number to be published in the ad, pulled the ad from its e-paper edition, and notified other papers of the presence of the incorrect phone number. These actions were greatly appreciated.

In response, the Nystrom campaign would like to state that if anyone has a medical issue of any kind, they should consult their doctor. Using the improper form of insulin or attempting to self-medicate without proper consultation with an endocrinologist can result in severe medical issues or even death. People have died from insulin rationing in Minnesota. It is an issue that must be properly understood by those managing their diabetes.

The campaign also wants to reiterate Quinn Nystrom's deep history of advocating for people with pre-existing conditions. Ever since she and her brother were diagnosed with diabetes as teenagers, she's been fighting for lower prescription drug prices and better health care. She was the National Youth Advocate for the American Diabetes Association, fought to get the Alec Smith Emergency Insulin Act passed, has held town halls in the district to call attention to the insulin-affordability issue, and has consistently lobbied Congress to protect people with pre-existing conditions and to lower health care costs.

Sam Rivers

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Brainerd, Minnesota

The writer is campaign manager for Quinn Nystrom, the Democratic candidate in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District in the Nov. 3 election. The campaign can be reached at 218-270-8093.