The sale of general obligations bonds without taxpayer approval is a dangerous trail to be on. Getting the Legislature and the governor to pass a special bill so Duluth’s school administration can play land developer was a slap in the face to the taxpayers, parents, and students (“Bonding bill gives Duluth schools levy authority,” Oct. 16).

The task of the district administration is to provide the students an opportunity to get an education, hire quality educators, and provide a safe building in which to learn. No mention was made or any ideas brought forward that I heard of to help students get caught up on missed class days, remote learning problems, or missed exposure to extracurricular activities.

I guess it is more important for the school administration to provide for its comfort than consider students' education. Picking the taxpayers’ pockets in these times was not the district’s best move.

Eric Bodin


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The writer is a 1971 graduate of Duluth Central High School.