I looked through the News Tribune on Oct. 19, and maybe I missed it. Where was the story about Hunter Biden's emails, which was first reported by the New York Post? This should have been front-page news. Every American deserves to hear from former Vice President Joe Biden about his involvement. It appears Biden was part of a pay-for-play when he was vice president, which, if true, is very damaging to his presidential candidacy.

Rather than sweep this under the rug, as the media has a tendency to do, it should have been brought front and center and exposed for what it is. If this involved one of the children of President Donald Trump, it would have been exposed everywhere. How about a little balance in coverage by the media?

Or was the News Tribune too scared to rock the boat a little? I would think such a news organization would want to be on top of a story like this so close to the election. I was disappointed the News Tribune was not.

Richard Klabechek

Anoka, Minnesota

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