It is hard to rationalize that women actually support and rally for President Donald Trump (“SD governor leads 'Women for Trump' bus back to Twin Ports,” Oct. 11). It's like indigenous people rallying for Custer or Blacks supporting David Duke.

Do you think it is appropriate for a guy to come up and grab you by the crotch if he thinks you are attractive? What about the 19-plus women who have come forward to accuse Trump of sexual harassment? His suggestive statements about his attraction to his own daughter, Ivanka Trump, are downright creepy. How many times has he cheated on his wives?

He became anti-choice when he ran for president. I wonder how many unwanted pregnancies he has caused during all his affairs and harassment. His own sister said he has ”no principles.” Yes, this man is truly a pillar of morality that all Christian women should stand with — just not too close.

Women for Trump should be sure to tell their daughters and granddaughters about the women’s rights some of us fought so hard to win.

Mary Arps Thompson

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