The Oct. 5 story, “Proctor students make the most of distance learning by volunteering,” was about how students are distance or hybrid learning and have more free time on their hands. The students are putting that time to use, volunteering at the Salvation Army. This story was a wonderful tribute to some of the great things teenagers do in our area.

But the News Tribune missed the mark by publishing pictures with the story of kids working together on a project without face masks on in an inside space.

My own kids (15 and 18) are distance learning this fall. They have read the newspaper daily in some form since they could read. They know I'm following the guidance of public health officials. I'm telling them when they are hanging out with their friends, “If you’re not inside, stay six feet apart, and wear a mask.”

I've been working as a volunteer with a group of teenage girls this summer. Kids will oblige the mask mandates if the adults in their lives ask them to.

I was disappointed to see the newspaper published a picture of two kids working together inside without a mask — on the front page. We know teenagers can do amazing things, but as the adults in the room, we need to normalize mask wearing for them, including when we publish photos of them in action.

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Kristin Riker-Coleman