I’m thankful that, again, as in 2016, the News Tribune got it right by endorsing Donna Bergstrom for state senator (Our View/Endorsement: “Duluth can make history by backing Bergstrom for state Senate,” Oct. 7).

I’ve had the opportunity to hear Bergstrom’s views and background on several occasions. As a Vietnam veteran, I might once have joked that the area in which she served, “military intelligence,” is a contradiction in terms. However, as I’ve listened to this well-informed, well-spoken fellow vet, I hear a combination of knowledgeability and energy that gives me hope in the face of my usual cynicism here in DFL country.

Meanwhile, her opponent’s “diverse” endorsements — from a teachers union that seems always to demand more funding while failing to return commensurate results to the flagship corporation of the abortion industry — serve only to move me all the more into Bergstrom’s direction.

I urge my fellow Duluthians, especially vets, to cast their vote for Donna Bergstrom, the best-qualified candidate in this race.

Chuck Cox

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