Contrast the Democratic Party’s perfidy — increasingly subjecting Americans to communist, socialist, radical Islamist, Marxist, and anarchistic ideologies, historically the worst of humanity — to America standing for more than 200 years against such evil, and you’d hardly think they’re legitimate Americans. For without rule of law there can be no Constitution, no inalienable rights, no security, no rights to property, and no rights to life.

Former House Oversight Committee chairman and Fox News contributor Trey Gowdy observed that after “10,000 arrests, $2 billion in property damages, and a couple of cops fighting for their lives,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had “no time to defend law enforcement until the polls started tightening.”

The Democratic Party and Democratic leadership’s perfidious win-by-any-means and at-any-cost approach has created an anti-American march toward a Democratic dictatorship. Democrats tacitly condone violence, even incite it, and seem intent to hold Americans hostage by forever contesting election results until they win. They promise to continue abusing emergency powers to infringe individual constitutional rights. And this all has been worse since Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg's death.

A United Flight 93-like reckoning beckons, calling Americans to enforce our laws and put America first, for the consequences of never knowing peace again is a price the vast majority won’t pay. Pelosi’s claim that putting America first makes one an enemy of the state and the party’s claim of unifying America are the Democrats’ biggest lies.

A once-respected media, strangled by perfidious, seditious, insurrectionist bias, driven by hate, demanding constitutional protections, so lacking in good faith, deserves demonization. Yet a Sept. 5 letter in the News Tribune, “Resist urge to demonize ‘the other side’,” naively suggested trusting altruistic overgeneralizations that dangerously tolerate Democrats’ un-Americanisms. Democrats who once claimed Second-Amendment sanctuaries jeopardize public safety now enable weaponized violence by America’s enemies, foreign and domestic. If that doesn't deserve demonization, what does?

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Warner Gouin

Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota