Fall is officially upon us, and as the season’s change our surroundings change. The leaves change colors, and farmers are starting to harvest their crops.

To help them get their work done, farmers depend on and need the Line 3 pipeline. Line 3 and the reliability it brings makes sure farmers have the fuel they need to power the machinery to get the harvest done.

Putting oil in a pipeline instead of on a train is safer and frees up rail-car capacity to make sure there is a way to get crops to market. Replacing Line 3 will restore the line to its full capacity, further reducing the need to transport oil by train.

Too much oil transported by train can lead to increased costs for those who rely on this form of shipping, such as farmers. Not replacing Line 3 would negatively affect farmers in multiple ways — and affect all of us as consumers down the line.

We need to make sure we continue to look out for our agriculture economy, as it continues to be a key part of our society. Let’s build the Line 3 Replacement Project and make sure we are doing the best we can for everyone in this state.

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Brian Holmer

Thief River Falls, Minnesota

The writer is mayor of Thief River Falls.