Our rural Itasca County township, like many others in Minnesota, has been voting by mail for more than a decade. Given barcodes, a signature, the integrity of local officials, paper ballots, and the general honesty of the electorate, it’s been obvious that it’s a secure and congenial way to vote. In the face of a pandemic, it’s also safer.

It seems that President Donald Trump, Sen. Mitch McConnell, and others in the Republican hierarchy understand that a majority of Americans oppose them and feel it is in their best interest (not the nation’s) to suppress the vote and cast doubt on the process. (A result, by the way, that is also heartily endorsed by Russian leader Vladimir Putin.)

The truth is that no one anywhere, except in the self-serving imaginations of Republican politicians, has uncovered any evidence of significant voter fraud. To suggest the election is, or will be, rigged is not only ludicrous and immoral but also unpatriotic.

Peter M. Leschak

Side Lake

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