Minnesota reports first Sturgis-related COVID-19 death.” This was a News Tribune headline on Sept. 2. Two days later, the News Tribune published this headline: “Bayfield County investigates COVID-19 outbreak after large event in Washburn.”

So the media wants me to believe COVID-19 cases can be tracked to these two events but can’t be tracked to the riots and “protests?” Why haven’t we heard about mass cases surrounding the hundreds and thousands of rioters, looters, and even very rare “peaceful protesters” who have been gathering daily throughout our country?

I personally witnessed events in Duluth over the last few months, right out in front of our own courthouse, where there were hundreds of people shoulder to shoulder — and some people weren’t wearing masks. Oh my! All in the name of a self-proclaimed Marxist group. Can we track COVID-19 to these events? No way! But you better believe we can track COVID-19 to anything else. Almost literally, anything else. Smart Americans are waking up to this political scam.

Even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t follow her own rules. She was recently caught visiting a salon in violation of COVID-19 restrictions. It’s “do as I say, not as I do.”

Vote in person and quit living in fear. We’re all going to die anyway.

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Nathan Mork