The St. Louis County Board worked to pass a resolution in support of the Enbridge Line 3 Replacement Project. I thank the board members for standing up for what they think is right (“County throws support behind Line 3,” Sept. 9).

What this support said to me is the County Board realizes how important this project is and that it’s time to take a stand to support it. The board understands that Line 3 is something that will greatly benefit both the county and Minnesota as a whole. The project will put people to work, protect our environment, and fuel our society.

While this project would bring jobs, tax revenue, and safety to the local community, its benefits go beyond St. Louis County to the rest of the state.

If we don’t rebuild the pipeline that supplies most of the petroleum used by our state refineries, we are disregarding the needs of our state and our people. Without Line 3, oil will still be transported by truck or train, both proven to be less safe than pipelines. Why would we actively put our environment and citizens in harm's way when we have a reliable alternative?

It is time we move forward and build Line 3.

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Dan Kingsley

Hill City, Minnesota

The writer is mayor of Hill City.