The St. Louis County Board passed a resolution on Sept. 8 supporting Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement Project — and for good reason. At a recent five-hour public meeting, supporters brought up the many ways the project promises to have a positive impact on the community: from its thousands of jobs to the need to replace an aging pipeline to the need for tax dollars in our communities.

More than 20 miles of pipeline is to run through St. Louis County, so weighing in on the pros and cons of the project’s impact was the prudent thing for commissioners to do.

In the final analysis, the new pipeline will be far safer than the old Line 3. It will make sure that we continue to protect our environment for years to come, and it will reduce risk while providing much-needed reward.

When our state leaders in St. Paul don’t seem to be listening, it’s important that local leaders like those on county boards take action to remind the state leaders what’s important. It is beyond time that Gov. Tim Walz comes out in support of Line 3 just as these officials did. This project will help our state in a time when the economy has suffered. It will feed families and will keep businesses afloat. An approval process that has gone on for more than five years doesn’t need more long meetings to conclude that Minnesota needs Line 3 — and that we need it now.

Larry McConkey

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Bemidji, Minnesota