Sometimes it seems like everyone is misinformed about socialism. Some folks think governments are either capitalist or socialist.

Take the U.S., for example. Who owns the roads? We do, all of us, not the wannabe-king President Donald Trump. He undoubtedly would prefer that he did and would likely then greedily dole out the privilege of using the roads to loyal subjects. The roads in the U.S. are socialized! We often use companies to build and maintain them. So here in the U.S., we have a hybrid arrangement. The same holds true for parks, government buildings, military, and police. Although we have competition for the roles in government, we have only one government, so there’s the hybrid arrangement again.

Do socialists want their restaurants, theaters, artists, and news outlets to be owned by everyone? I’ll bet there are more than a few socialists who wouldn’t want that much socialism. Capitalism works great for those functions of society that need more flexibility.

Socialism is more conservative. It can’t turn on a dime like capitalism, but it can provide stability and security. Monetary functions can manage our economics effectively in our hybrid system, given responsible governance.

I think we need more socialism, on balance, but I don’t consider myself to be a socialist or capitalist. I guess I’m a “hybridist,” if I must be labeled.

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Folks need to chill! We have a hybrid system of governance and economics that can serve us well if we stop rigidly clinging to extreme views and labels.

Peter Truitt

Danbury, Wisconsin