There is so much unwelcome news in the world right now that it pains me to bring up specific problems we have here in Duluth.

You may have recently seen that Duluth, under the leadership of Mayor Emily Larson, was ridiculed in “The Week” magazine for efforts to remove “chief” from city job titles. It was in the “Only in America” section. Check it out.

The city of Duluth is reeling financially, despite a boost from the state, but we recently added three positions that did not exist before: paid safe and sick time coordinator, climate coordinator, and housing coordinator. I estimate that these three positions with benefits cost the city close to $400,000 per year. Great to have when times are good — but not during a pandemic.

How I wish we hadn’t given Essentia $10 million for its expansion. Changes at Essentia have included closing its lap pool downtown and opening a therapy pool at Miller Hill Mall.

I can’t believe the atrocious snowplowing last winter and the likelihood of the same this upcoming season.

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Lest I seem too negative, I do agree with reducing the city subsidy to the Lake Superior Zoo.

What’s next?

Kay Biga