Is Gov. Tim Walz listening? Why is his administration allowing the so-called “controversial” Line 3 Replacement Project to stay in limbo this long? I understand there’s pressure from the far left to not approve this pipeline, but that shouldn’t matter because even President Barack Obama’s administration gave a consent decree saying that this replacement was needed.

Over the last several years, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission has spent a lot of time and money making sure this pipeline project is safe for Minnesota, yet Walz and his administration don’t seem to listen to that. In a recent hearing about the project, the PUC reaffirmed its continued approval of the Line 3 Replacement Project, yet the governor can’t seem to accept it.

This project will bring thousands of union jobs into northern Minnesota, and many of these union members are people who supported Walz when he ran for governor because he told them he was on their side. The sad fact is that Walz hasn’t shown that with his actions.

The governor claims to be about “one Minnesota” but apparently forgets that “one Minnesota” is much more than people who yell and scream in the Twin Cities and not the rest of the state. Maybe it is time for Walz and his people to listen to the PUC, as well as citizens, and do what is best for Minnesota.

It is time to build Line 3. Please help us start fixing our economy and ensuring we have reliable sources of energy.

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Joel Melander

Shevlin, Minnesota