Seems like I’ve gotten picky in my old age, but there seems to be so much in newspapers today apparently written by the bottom half of a student journalism class.

I still have a copy of a letter I wrote and a 1954 snapshot of me standing in an open garage door with the door up. Hanging down is a rope pull for the door. There’s a loop on the end of the rope for a hand hold. That was 66 years ago.

Unfortunately, probably half the country was led to believe another rope pull, on the door of a garage used by NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, was a noose and a racist taunt aimed at Wallace. NASCAR involved the FBI no less. But NASCAR was left with egg on its face when it was determined the rope pull had been there long before Wallace occupied the garage.

There was no apology that I heard of from NASCAR. They wouldn't think of it.

H. John Strom