Those who are full of fear of the coronavirus have been converted to the new religion of masks. If you don't agree with them, mask supporters look strangely at you, shame you, and state you should wear a mask for your family, your neighbors, and the world. I have not seen this much fervor since the days of traveling evangelists. This is the new religion and businesses — and governments have to jump on the bandwagon or risk being shamed into threats of isolation and protests.

Some people will wear masks in their cars by themselves, when jogging by themselves, and pumping gas by themselves. They buy masks which color-coordinate with their attire. They can purchase masks online that come with promises of copper strength and ultraviolet protection.

Do you think this mask-mania will go away after the election? Why not create this much hysteria over people texting while driving, driving under the influence, smoking tobacco, and wearing seatbelts, all of which kill far more each year?

When you wear a mask, you lose your identity and can do all sorts of illicit things. It is great for violent protesters who can't be identified.

Jim Gerdes

Sturgeon Lake