I would like to comment on the July 14 letter, “Democrats need to apologize.”

I heartily agree Americans are owed an apology for a running tally of more than 20,000 documented untrue statements told by this president since inauguration and for the more than 135,000 deaths since the president claimed the pandemic would vanish like a miracle. We are owed an apology for the corrupt use of pardon power to save political cronies. Also, for the hidden tax breaks that benefit a certain class of individuals called, gee, real estate investors. How about an apology for the alienation of historic allies and the coddling of dictators?

As a disabled veteran and son of a World War II veteran, I’d like to hear this president apologize for belittling the sacrifice of former prisoners of war, Gold Star families, and the widows of deceased servicemen.

And may I just add that the statues and flag he seeks to protect are symbols of treason. If we’re going to honor traitors, how about a monument to Benedict Arnold in every state capitol?

Ken Arbogast

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