I really don’t understand the whole “liberty” argument with wearing a face mask (“Duluth mayor: No mask requirement coming,” June 19).

People are complaining that they can’t wear a face mask for a few minutes. There truly are those who can’t wear an N95 face mask for very long. Thankfully, none of us outside of medical professionals (and a few others) are even supposed to wear N95 masks!

The rest of us can wear cloth or paper masks when we are out and about. I know that tons will come along and say that they physically can’t wear them, but if that many people really have such severe respiratory issues that the 15 minutes of wearing a mask puts them into severe distress, they need to be seen by a respiratory specialist ASAP.

Remember: this is not an issue of “your” personal freedom, because if you are able to inhale and exhale, then your freedom ends where mine begins. I know several people who have been severely ill with COVID-19. Everyone I know who has gotten it has been 50 years old or younger. All were in good health, so it’s not only for old people.

Think of the golden rule and be considerate of others. If it’s OK in your mind that you/your loved ones/strangers could become very ill and possibly die from it due to your minor inconvenience, then perhaps you should look inwardly.

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Vicki Surges