A common phrase is, “He is on the wrong side of history.” But why make our decisions based on any preconceived notions, educated or not, about the future?

In reality, the course of history is not always decided by which groups or political systems are most moral. As often as not, history is formed by whatever group has the most energy, technology, and arrogant aggressive values.

Take for example the nearly 200 years of the Crusades, during which countless victims died or were tortured before being “saved.” Then there were the efforts made by European Conquistadores, who (with superior weaponry) were able to defeat the Aztecs. Indigenous Native Americans were also utterly defeated by the U.S. Cavalry and its guns. Not to mention how Nazi Germany’s war machine killed millions who refused to serve Hitler’s greedy and cruel nationalistic ambitions. History holds many other examples. Were those events particularly moral or loving? Did they demonstrate care for fellow human beings? Not always. Yet they ultimately determined the course of human history.

Real patriots don’t self-righteously deny the rights of others, including those of different races, religions, and sexual orientations. In fact, we are a diverse and multifaceted nation where human rights thrive only when we respect the rights of others who don’t look or believe like us. Real patriots protect others’ right to decide who to love and whom to worship in church.

Our courts also uphold the right of shoppers not to be turned away at public venues based on sexual orientation and the right of all to adhere to their own values and beliefs and not the establishment of a state religion. A state religion would eventually destroy the wall between church and state and, with it, all of our freedoms!

Peter W. Johnson