I was deeply disappointed in the June 14 “Local View” commentary, "Confederate flag was never about upholding states rights."

While I agree that our society must rid itself of hate symbols and move toward social justice, University of Minnesota Duluth history instructor Scott Laderman's shallow view of history and left-wing rants in his commentary retarded the discussion of social justice.

My understanding of the study of history is that it is multi-layered and dynamic. The events of today are rooted in the events of yesterday, but time obscures content. For history to provide meaningful definition and direction today, it must be studied impartially from all dimensions.

It has been said that history is written by the winners, and it is this simplistic view of history that continues to support the us-and-them rhetoric.

Laderman identified himself as a "historian," which suggests a thorough exploration of an historical issue beyond "winner" or personal bias. But this he failed to do. I believe an opportunity to move the social justice issue forward by a thorough review of the historical antecedents was squandered.

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James A. Holter